Dans notre gamme d'accessoires, vous trouverez:
  • Service caps black or white 28.410 et 24.410
  • White service caps 28.415, opening 6 (compatible with : Henri 1L, Yang Ylang 500mL and Agapanthe 500mL)
  • Aluminium caps 28.410
  • Stopper 28 PCO with tamper proof ring
  • Stopper Push Pull green, blue, yellow and red
  • Pharmacy stopper with tamper proof ring
  • Measuring/ pourer cap for our bottles 1L et 2L with handle PEHD
  • Measuring caps 30mL for the bottle Strelizia col 42
  • Spray
  • Dispenser pump
  • Oil stopper red or yeallow
  • Child resistant caps blue or black for bidon PEHD col 42